About e-procurement

Learn about what e-procurement is and how it is valuable for public sector buyers, suppliers and ICT vendors.

Published: 26. May 2014, Last modified: 12. Mar 2020

The Norwegian government has set out public sector targets for e-procurement, in alignment with broader European initiatives. Within Norway, Difi (Direktorat for forvaltning og IKT) is officially empowered to develop frameworks and tools for encouraging the adoption of e-procurement in the public sector. This mandate is supported by legislation passed in 2012, which requires that Norwegian public sector entities must utilize electronic invoicing for all procurement activities.

What is e-procurement 

Get a quick introduction to the concept of e-procurement.

Why e-procurement 

Learn how e-procurement benefits public sector contracting authorities; suppliers of goods and services; and ICT vendors

E-procurement glossary 

Get brief explanations of technical terms and abbreviations related to e-procurement.

European e-procurement

Learn about European e-procurement initiatives that Difi is involved in.


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