Discover the tools we provide to support the e-procurement process and learn how to use them.

Published: 19. Mar 2014, Last modified: 07. May 2020

Process and systemsEach of the process arrows above provides more detail on procurement processes and the tools available to help buyers and sellers simplify and improve their procurement activities.


Planning lays the foundation for improving procurement efficiency, with buyers assessing their needs, developing procurement strategies and exchanging preliminary information with sellers.

The planning tools of Norway’s e-procurement infrastructure include:

  • the Doffin tender publishing system that buyers can use to communicate planning results
  • an e-catalogue component within the PEPPOL transport infrastructure 


In the tendering phase, buyers structure their needs into formal requirements, communicate procurement notices to potential sellers, evaluate tenders and engage in procurement contracts with the most appropriate suppliers.

The tendering tools of Norway’s e-procurement infrastructure include:


In the purchasing stage, buyers order goods and services within the framework of previously agreed procurement contracts, with sellers fulfilling orders, billing them and collecting payment from buyers.

The purchasing tools of Norway’s e-procurement infrastructure include:

Norway’s e-procurement infrastructure for purchasing is based on the Peppol standards-based framework.



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