Billing is the process of formally communicating a request for payment under the terms of the procurement contract.

Published: 03. Jun 2014, Last modified: 12. Nov 2018


E-invoicing in accordance with Norwegian legal requirements is possible via Norway’s e-procurement infrastructure, using standardised PEPPOL-compliant components and transport infrastructure.

Credit note

Sellers and buyers (purchasers) participating in public sector procurement in Norway must create EHF (domestic) or PEPPOL BIS-formatted (cross country) credit notes and transmit these documents through the PEPPOL transport infrastructure.

A credit note, sometimes called a credit memo (memorandum) is a refund document to the buyer from the seller because of inaccurate details found in an invoice. Examples of such errors could include such as the incorrect quantity, price, total, discount rate, legal and regulatory deficiencies etc. . 

Payment reminder

If an invoice is not paid by the specified due date, the sender can send a formal reminder digitally using this infrastructure.


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