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Summary of the Norwegian e-procurement initiative.

Published: 26. May 2014, Last modified: 24. Feb 2020

Norway is among the global leaders in in the digitalisation of public sector procurement processes. Digdir, on behalf of the Norwegian government has helped to drive this transition, domestically and in international partnership arenas such as the Peppol standards project and the OpenPeppol Association, among others.

Why e-procurement

Using e-procurement can contribute to radical improvements in purchasing costs, procurement process quality and and overall service delivery in the public sector.

Norwegian e-procurement infrastructure

Norway e-procurement infrastructure is designed around the pan-European Peppol standard. Using a PEPPOL-based transport infrastructure, along with several other systems and networks, buyers and suppliers can currently conduct the following transactions electronically in Norway:

Further information and tours

We can provide further information and arrange study tours for e-government agencies and contracting authorities. Please contact us for further information.

Operating status


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