Economic operator´s guide

Getting started with the Norwegian e-procurement infrastructure.

Published: 26. May 2014, Last modified: 17. Sep 2019

How to

Norway participates in the EU single market. EU-based suppliers are encouraged to compete for public and private sector procurement contracts in Norway. E-procurement capabilities are helpful, as Norway is currently moving its public sector procurement processes to digital platforms.

Why e-procurement

Using e-procurement expands your opportunities in the Norwegian market. It can also reduce your operating costs and increase the value you deliver for customers.

Get started

You can get started with e-procurement in Norway by completing three simple steps:

  1. register as a business eligible to operate in Norway
  2. open a bank account in Norway or on a Single Euro Payments Area bank
  3. get connected to PEPPOL-enabled Access Point

The guides on the right provide further detail on specific aspects of conducting e-procurement activity in Norway

Norwegian e-procurement infrastructure

Using a PEPPOL-based transport infrastructure, along with several other systems and networks, suppliers can currently conduct the following transactions electronically in Norway:

  • search for Norwegian and European public sector tenders
  • respond to tenders and requests for information
  • sign tender offers
  • publish digital catalogues
  • receive orders
  • send order confirmations
  • send packing slips
  • send despatch advices 
  • send invoices
  • send credit notes
  • send reminders
  • make payments

Operating status


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