Service provider´s Guide

Getting started with the Norwegian e-procurement infrastructure.

Published: 26. May 2014, Last modified: 24. Feb 2020

How to

Norway has an extensive e-procurement infrastructure, built around open standards and private sector participation in developing and providing connectivity and services.

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Why e-procurement

The adoption of internationally compatible e-procurement standards increases the demand for ICT services, including procurement tools and network connectivity.

Getting started

Becoming an access point connectivity provider for suppliers and contracting authorities is a useful entry point. To do this, you need to:

  1. build a PEPPOL-enabled access point
  2. test and validate the access point

The guides on the right provide further detail on technical details of the Norwegian e-procurement infrastructure.

Norwegian e-procurement infrastructure

Norway e-procurement infrastructure is designed around the pan-European Peppol standards. Using a Peppol-based transport infrastructure, along with several other systems and networks, buyers and suppliers can currently conduct the following transactions electronically in Norway: 

  • search for Norwegian and European public sector tenders
  • respond to tenders and requests for information
  • sign tender offers
  • publish digital catalogues
  • receive orders
  • send order confirmations
  • send despatch advices
  • send invoices
  • send credit notes
  • send reminders
  • make payments



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