How to work strategically against social dumping?

The work against social dumping will be lifted to a higher level if your organisation includes it at strategic level, such as in the organisation's procurement strategy.

Published: 02. Feb 2016, Last modified: 05. Jul 2018

It is also possible to dedicate an own strategy towards the work with fighting social dumping and work-related crime. The strategy document, either the procurement strategy or an own strategy specifically about wokring towards social dumping, should answer the following: 

Level of ambition
If this is a new field for the organisation, you can, for example, choose areas with great risk, and follow up these more thouroughly. 

Building competence
Is there a need for competence building for those who are to work with this? If yes, where will this competence be gained from? 

Clarification of roles
Who will be responsible for what? 

Does the work with fighting social dumping in procurements matter for the capacity on other areas? 

Internal information
Is there a need of internal information to everyone in the organisation? This can lift the work with social dumping to a higher level, but as a minimum should everyone that conducts procurements and/or follow -up contract be informed. 

How shall the work be measured and reported? 


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