What is social dumping?

Social dumping occurs when foreign workers are exposed to uacceptable poor pay and working conditions, including, amongst others, breaches of health, envriomental and safety rules.

Published: 02. Feb 2016, Last modified: 05. Jul 2018

In Report to the Storting (White Paper) No. 29 (2010-2011) "Joint Responsibility for a Good and Decent Working Life" the authorities clearly state that social dumping occurs when foreign workers are exposed to breaches of health, environmental and safety rules, including rules concerning working hours and accommodation standards. Furthermore, social dumping occurs when foreign workers are offered pay and other benefits that are unacceptably poor compared to what Norwegian employees normally earn, or which do not satisfy regulations on general application of collective agreements or nationwide collective agreements where such applies.  

You can help combat social dumping in public procurements by stipulating requirements on pay and working conditions, and check that suppliers and sub-suppliers comply with these requirements during the term of the contract.