The High Risk List

The Norwegian Procurement Act (§5 LOA) by law requires contracting authorities to implement appropriate measures to promote respect for human rights in public procurement where there is a risk of violation of such rights. Use the Risk List for assessment of the level of risks of human rights violations in global supply chain. The list includes all tiers of the production process - from raw material extraction to final assembly.

Publisert: 09. okt 2015, Sist endret: 03. Mar 2021

Systematic high risk of human rights breaches linked to public procurement

Public entities daily buy products with systematic high risk of human rights violations in the supply chain. Human rights violations are defined as breaches of the ILO core conventions, the UN convention of the child and national workers legislation in the production countries.


The High Risk List

The High Risk List contains information on so called high risk products. Products are defined as «high risk procurement» when there are systematic documented high risk of human rights abuse occurring in the supply chain, meaning the value chain from raw material extraction to component production until finishing assembling. The documentation is based on reports and studies by ILO and other relevant sources (for example research reports and reports from acknowledged civil society- and union organisations). To make the list relevant in the daily practise of public procurers, specific product categories have been selected based on Norwegian public procurement activities.

How to use the High Risk List

When planning the procurement activity, information about the risk within product group will guide the choice of possible SRPP requirements in the procurement process. Due to the principle of proportionality, SRPP requriements should only be used in high risk purchases.

Furthermore specific guidance and templates of SRPP requriements and contract-follow up assessments is found under each product group (see product groups in the left margin).

Disclaimer: The High Risk List is a guidance tool, and not exhaustive. Products not on the list could therefore also be high risk purchase. 



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