How to send a credit note

Step by step guide to creating an credit note using your own internal ERP or accounting systems

Published: 21. Oct 2014, Last modified: 02. Oct 2020
  1. Create a credit note formatted according to the legal requirements as listed in the specification guide for credit note. (The credit note is almost similar to the invoice format).


    Generate a credit note using an accounting system that can produce EHF or PEPPOL BIS-formatted credit notes. Many commercially available accounting systems have this capability.

  2. Connect to an access point. 

    Many commercially available accounting and ERP systems already have built-in access point capabilities that you can activate, by contacting your software provider. 

    You can also purchase a connection agreement from an access point provider.

  3. Confirm the identity of the recipient in the address register by their organization number.

    Confirm the identity of your recipient in ELMA, the address register for Norwegian EHF and PEPPOL BIS receivers. ELMA contains information about Norwegian public and private entities that can receive EHF and PEPPOL BIS documents electronically.

  4. Send your PEPPOL BIS or EHF-formatted credit note to the recipient identified in ELMA, using your connection to the PEPPOL infrastructure.


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