Pay and Working Conditions in Public Contracts - Best Practice Guidance

Source: Difi

Socially responsible public procurements can help to set standards in the labour market and be a means of influencing actors in the market.

Published: 02. Feb 2016, Last modified: 04. May 2018

This guidance intends to help you that are responsible for making sure pay and working conditions requirements in public contracts for services, building and construction works are acted on. It is based on best practices in the building, construction- and cleaning industries in Norway, but can also be used for procurements in other industries that are subject to the Regulation on Pay and Working Conditions in Public Contracts.

The guidance is written at the request of the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and is one of the measures in the government's strategy for combating work-related crime.

This guidance is made by Difi, with assistance from the consulting firm Inventura AS.