Self-assessment - ethical requirements

We recommend that you use the self-assessment form as part of the follow-up of the supplier in procurements where you have stipulated ethical contract performance clauses. Ask your the supplier to complete the form or review them in follow-up conversations with the supplier.

Published: 07. Nov 2017, Last modified: 13. Mar 2020

The document contains questions to the supplier on how they work to comply with the ethical contract perfomance clauses. There is given guidance to the supplier on how the questions should be answered and documented.

The contracting authority must fill out which products / components the self-assessment should apply to. The self-assessment provides the basis for any further follow-up, such as a documentary review.

If you use Difi and IEH's ethical contract performance clauses, the supplier must submit the self-assessment within four weeks after the self-assessment was sent. If you choose to review the questions in a follow-up conversation with the supplier, we recommend that you do this about one month after the contract. Then the questions should initially be reviewed annually.

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